Events and Trade Shows Presence

Arigiano in Fiera

Milan, Italy, Nov-Dec 2018

Artigiano in Fierais the international industry event that’s been celebrating artisans and their creations for more than twenty years. The most important event in the world, transmitting the beauty and goodness of arts and trades.

Arti e Mestieri Handcraft Expo

 Rome, Italy, December  2017

Arti e Mestieri Expo is the international exhibition, organized by Fiera Roma, dedicated to crafts, where the artisans and small entrepreneurs represent the tradition of excellence and quality of their products and the uniqueness of their countries. The most important and qualified event of the year to promote the Lazio handicraft of excellence at national and international level.


1. Rietinvetrina
2. Archi’s Comunicazion
3. International crafts Selling Exhibition