The Court Scene Square Scarf


  • Size: 110 in 110 cm
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Beige, Red
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  • Textile info: Silk , hand rolled hems
  • Cleaning info: hand wash or dry cleaning, do not wring
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Design Info: Eastern art is boundless, no beginning no end no boundaries; the variation of techniques, motifs and colours in art pieces such as paintings, architecture and small dishes form Islamic ages where so inspirational that encourage us to have our first collection motivated from them. This feeling also gave the idea to name our collection “Zahir” meaning, bloom, also what can’t be discarded once it’s seen, brilliant, present and shiny.Most of designs are inspired from Persian, Turkish art pieces and some are referred to India and Syria referred to 7th to 19th century. The design of this svcarf is inspired by a miniature painting from Firdawsi’s Shahnama, named “Kay Khusraw Welcomed by His Grandfather, Kay Kaus, King of Persia” which was created in Tabriz,within 1520 and 1535.


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